SINUMERIK 808D is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of basic standard machines. SINUMERIK 808D offers intelligent CNC features such as full servo controlled rigid tapping or flying spindle/C axis switchover. Thus, the CNC enables precise and fast operations.

Typical fields of application

Perfectly preconfigured for
• Basic standard machines with up to 4 axes/spindle in one machining channel
• Inclined bed and flatbed CNC machines
• Flatbed manual controlled semi-CNC lathes (Manual Machine plus)


Simple and intuitive operator interface
thanks to dialog-based user support with SINUMERIK Operate BASIC
Wide range of technology cycles
for turning and drilling with graphical input screens SINUMERIK program GUIDE BASIC
High performance and precision
thanks to modern CNC functions
Connecting Machine Control Panel using a simple plug & play USB port
equipped with same ergonomically designed override rotary switches as in high-end CNCs