SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of basic standard machines. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED together with SINAMICS V70 drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor guarantees a high system performance. The high-speed bus communication between CNC and drive ensures a close loop for the position control, which leads to a high accuracy and optimum cutting performance. The international first class CNC technology opens up unparalleled potential for basic turning and milling machines.

Typical fields of application

• With the support of up to 5 axis/spindle, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED T system is sufficient for basic turning machines as well as for turning centres without Y-axis.
• Thanks to the Advanced Surface function and the high dynamic SINAMICS V70 drive system, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M systems also covers the machining of mould & die parts. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M offers a high price-performance ratio for basic milling machines.


Auto Servo Tuning (AST)
With AST function, users can easily optimize machines with SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED that have higher dynamic and accuracy requirements, e.g. in mould & die applications.
Safe Torque Off (STO) function
The STO function prevents the unintended movement of machines, e.g. suitable for the safety door application on machines.
High resolution position feedback
SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motors support 2500 ppr incremental encoder as well as 20-bit absolute encoder which precisely feedback the current position of the motor. This ensures high precision and optimum surface quality of the finished work-piece.