About Us

Wissen Automation is involved in the design and installation of complete systems for monitoring and control of industrial plants and providing spares and services for the same.

Founded in 2008, in New Delhi, India, Wissen Automation is now the leading solution provider for all kind of Automation challenges in the industry. We have technical expertise and are providing quality high-end systems to multiple industrial verticals, for a variety of different applications. Consistent performance has earned us the trust of leading industrial corporate houses in the country.

We are a system integrator for Siemens industrial automation and drive systems as well as Machine tools (CNC Systems).

Automation : The complete range of products broadly includes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) ranging from, Logo!, micro-PLC S7-200, mini-PLC S7-1200, PLC S7-300 & S7-400 series, HMI systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, AC & DC Drives etc.

Machine Tool (CNC System) : Products included in CNC System are ranging from 808D basic System, 808D Advance, Sinumerik 802D, Sinumerik 828D & 840D.

Wissen Automation is the authorized system house of M/s SIEMENS Ltd. for their Automation/Drive and CNC System line of products.