BI Implementation

BI Implementation

Wissen Business Intelligence Implementation Services cover all aspects of BI, data management, reporting and analytics. Our BI Services are designed to help customers create a closed-loop environment for their complete strategic business intelligence needs.

All of our BI Services follow the Wissen BI Development Framework which is governed by our CMM Level 5 certified quality auditing processes. Our individual BI Implementation Services include:

  • BI Platform & Package Implementation
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse & Data Mart Construction
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Profiling & Cleansing
  • BBalanced Scorecards.

Business Intelligence Platform & Package Implementation

Wissen has extensive experience with the implementation of business intelligence solutions based on industry-leading providers, such as Application Analytics, OWD/ODI and RDW, Microsoft BI, Informatica and Hyperion.

Wissen has a flexible approach to BI solutions and will architect, design, develop and deploy solutions that leverage packaged product or are fully custom platform solutions based on the client’s specific technology and business requirements. In most cases, the BI implementations involve a hybrid approach that couples packaged solutions with custom development and integration.

Enterprise Data Warehouse & Data Mart Construction

Wissen offers complete DW Services for the design, development, implementation and support of your Enterprise Data Warehouse. Our services are based on established best practices and experience with Fortune 500 companies with global and regional data warehouse requirements. Our DW Services include data modeling, data integration, and data mart construction and consolidation to support your current and future business analytics objectives.

Reporting & Analytics

Wissen offers extensive BI Reporting and Analytics Services in support of your overall BI goals. Our expertise is based on years of experience working with industry leading tools and technologies, including Wissen and Microsoft, for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Our information delivery services help build a 360-degree view of your customers and your business to help you make the most effective decisions quickly. Advantages include:

  • Predictive analytics used to mine and determine customer preferences
  • Data purity and integrity
  • Built-in connectivity to operational data stores
  • Advanced OLAP and Data Mining capabilities
  • Integration with leading BI front-end tools and technologies
  • End-to-end Single view of the business
  • FFlexible, scalable and user-friendly system to support Ad-hoc and standard reporting requirements.

Data Profiling & Cleansing

Wissen Data Profiling & Cleansing Service can help you manage the quality of your data, to clean up redundancies and to establish appropriate metadata in support of your overall analytics objectives. Data Profiling and Cleansing have proven to be critical components of a comprehensive BI or MDM project as it significantly improves the quality of the resulting analyses. Wissen has experience with several leading tools including those from Wissen, Microsoft and Informatica.

Balanced Score cards

As part of our overall CPM initiatives, Wissen incorporates Balanced Scorecards into its BI Implementation Services. Our objective is to provide our clients with the performance management platform that incorporates the scorecards and dashboards that empower them with the mission critical knowledge to make effective business decisions quickly and easily.