What We Offer

We offer high-end solutions to industries to help them meet their quality and productivity challenges. We provide solutions for process and machine automation.

At Wissen Automation we use the unique advantage of SIEMENS products that help you to profit throughout the complete life cycle of your plant – starting with the initial planning steps, during operation, and up to modernization, where we offer a high measure of investment security resulting from the high quality of the products and the time we spend on engineering the solution for you.

You want to improve your operating result – by increasing performance and/or productivity. Our solutions let you meet the highest technical demands for quality, speed, operational reliability and more. At the same time, you can leave an open end for future innovations to make sure you stay two steps ahead of the competition. Whether your project involves logical or process-related issues, you benefit from our unique all-round expertise for PLCs, technologies, applications, hardware and software, training seminars and services from the planning phase to commissioning to service.